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RD Station is a complete marketing automation platform that helps you generate more traffic, lead and sales results for your business by building a solid digital presence.

The integration works by sending events that happen on Edools to the RD Station. If the student's email already exists as a lead in the RD, an event will be assigned to the existing lead. If it does not exist, a new lead will be created with the student data.

To activate this application, simply insert the token of your RD Station account (not to be confused with the Private Token), save and contact the technical support requesting activation.

You must copy your token here: https://app.rdstation.com.br/integracoes

Our team will do the activation of the integration for you and your school will send events to the RD Station.

See the list of events and how they will appear in the RD:

Event AvailableHow the event appears on RD Station
New buy Purchase started [Product Name]
New updated purchasePurchase updated [Product Name]
Purchase updated [Product Name]Purchase canceled [Product Name]
New purchase confirmed Purchase confirmed [Product Name]
New free registration You have enrolled in free product [Product Name]
 New student Joined the school
Progress in 25%Achieved 25% progress [Product Name]
Progress in 50%Achieved 50% progress [Product Name]
Progress in 75%Achieved 75% progress [Product Name]
Progress in 100%Achieved 100% progress [Product Name]
Activity performedYou took activity [Activity Name]
Approved in activityHas been approved for activity [Activity Name]
New topic in the ForumYou asked a question on the forum [Forum Name]
Message SubmissionSent a message
Certificate issued Certificate issued [PRODUCT NAME]

By clicking "View Details" of the conversion, in the RD Station, you can see the details of each event - such as the school URL, the student's activity note, the status of a purchase, etc.

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